Clean Zonez Air Purifier UV-C Replacement Bulb


Replacement UV-C Bulb  for Clean Zonez Air Purifier

Clean Zonez applies UV-C energy, HEPA filtration and three additional filter systems to clear the air of virus, germs and particles to help people feel safer and more productive. Hospitals have used these technologies for decades to sterilize equipment and tools.

What’s Included?

Replacement UV-C Bulb

• Clean Zonez applies proven technologies that can be installed close to the source of virus transmission. Clean Zonez utilizes existing technologies with an extended history of research and testing.  UV-C has a decades-long trail of science proving its effectiveness in disrupting the DNA in virus and germs, making it unable to replicate itself and create infection.
• Clean Zonez uses the 253nm wavelength of UV-C proven by the
International Ultraviolet Association to be one of the most effective at disabling COVID-19-type virus.
• HEPA filtration has a similar trail and history of trapping particles and droplets to prevent their transmission to occupants of a space.
• Clean Zonez has a tested CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 64.98, meaning it processes about 65 CFM of air through its system.
• The recommended application area for a single Clean Zonez System is about 100 SF.
• Clean Zonez lowers the number of COVID-19 particles / droplets in the air, significantly reducing the potential for transmission. Cleaner air is healthier for all and is effective in treating virus and germs as well as reducing allergy particles.
• The optimal ratio of Clean Zonez Air Filtration Systems per person is 1:1.
• Contaminated air that passes from an infected person past a noninfected person is not desirable, although it can be difficult to design around.
• No single technology has been identified as 100% effective in
mitigating any virus, which is why overlapping systems, protocols and technologies are recommended.
• Clean Zonez is most effective when it is a part of an overall design of preventing the spread of COVID-19 or other virus or germs, which may include masks, physical distancing, controlled traffic flows and other systems or protocols designed to minimize the potential for transmission.

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