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What are the features of the Titan Swivel chair?

  1. The chair and foot lever are rated to carry 300 lbs.

  2. The chair includes 3" molded seat foam and the comfort back. Typically both the seat/back are upholstered in a washable vinyl material.

  3. The chair is 22" wide; seat height of 18.5" (20.5" is also available); has a weight of 52 lbs.

  4. The chair features: Frame warranty of 25 years; Foam warranty of 10 years, and a 5 year warranty for additional components.

What is Lift Furniture?

Lift Furniture works to reduce stress and anxiety that is experienced by caregivers or spouse.

For you, the caregiver...
  • Reduces Burnout / Stress

  • Reduced physical effort

  • Reduce incidence of injury

  • More compliant loved one

For your loved one...
  • Dignity & Self-worth

  • Provides structure

  • Smooth movements
  • Enjoyable mealtime routine

How does the Titan Swivel chair work?

  1. The swivel chair includes 2 mechanical features...a swivel and a locking foot lever.

  2. Rotating the seat (90 degrees) enables an Alzheimer's patient to be seated with ease. Once swivel is unlocked, the person can be rotated towards the table.

  3. The caregiver moves the chair forward in a non-jarring manner. Standing behind the chair (feet together), the caregiver depresses the foot lever (activates the casters). With the foot level fully depressed the caregiver rolls the chair safely and smoothly towards the table. When the foot lever is released...the chair is stable....resting on the front legs of the chair.

  4. To move the patient away-from the table, the caregiver once again depressed the foot lever, rolls the chair back from the table. By rotating the seat (90 degrees), the patient is able to stand and move away from the table with ease!

*Also ideal for: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Arthritis

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