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Introducing: AIS Products

ROI Channel

ROI Channel

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Matrix Systems


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  • Electrical and data cabling holes every 8" in height

  • True unimpeded electrical topcap channel

  • Electrical and data can be consolidated into one power tile

  • Off modular capabilities

  • Can be coupled with Calibrate components and accessories

Divi Systems


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  • Panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass, and stack

  • Construct 60/120 or 45/135 degree environments with ease

  • Segmented insert panels provide the freedom to customize

  • Panel inserts are conveniently sold as pre-configured options

  • Quick and easy installation equals lower install cost for client

  • 6" base raceway to meet electrical and data needs

AIS Workstations, Office Furniture
AIS Workspace solutions
Calibrate Series


  • Choose from Calibrate Up or Calibrate Extend Styles

  • 18 standard laminates

  • Variety of paint finishes

  • Four hardware designs

  • Reverse knife edge and 2mm top options

  • Variety of Leg options for Tables and Desks

Height Adjustable


  • Standard Table range: 23.6" - 49.2"

  • Executive Table range (shown above): 29" - 46

  • Lifting capacity is 350 lbs

  • Bases are offered in Metallic Silver or White

AIS Desk, Workspace
AIS Sit Stand, Height Adjustable Desk, Office
AIS Seating, Desk Chairs, Seating Options
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